INFINITY: No limit or bounds to possibility.

infinityREACH Infinity provides User Access Control like never before allowing you to configure an unlimited number of user types and to configure any individual user or any group of users exactly as you require for your school.

Your flexibility is unlimited and the possibilities are endless.

We have called our new User Access Control system REACH Infinity because it provides you with an unlimited number of configuration variations with an ability to control access and activity permissions for Every User to Every Screen and for Every Action in REACH.


Flexibility and detail when you need it, simplicity when you don’t.

REACH Infinity will allow you to configure an unlimited number of individual access permission options for users in REACH.  When it is not necessary to manage user access in such detail administrators can simply select from a range of predefined access roles.

The ABC of REACH Infinity
The core security infrastructure of REACH Infinity is based on three pillars of management which determine the Access, Behaviour and Control functions that are made available to every individual user of REACH. Each Pillar controls the activity and permission relationships for Users, or groups of users, with REACH Screen views and Data changing capability.

Configuring REACH Infinity
Configuration using REACH Infinity can be as simple or as detailed as the you want it to be. Lets take a look at five sample user configurations to demonstrate the power of infinity.

Default Role
Select any of the preconfigured roles provided in REACH and assign users to those roles.

Administrator-Defined Role
Create your own pre-configured roles in REACH and assign users to those roles.

Modified Role
Take any existing pre-configured role and you can add or remove viewing or action access to any of the individual components of REACH to any user’s security access profile.

Custom Role
Customise from the ground up any user’s security access profile. Select from more than 250 individual permission options to exclusively manage any user’s access, behavior and control ability in REACH.

New Role
If you have a new requirement or restriction you want to introduce that does not already exist in REACH simply create a new permission (eg: restrict the viewing of medical information or dorm comments) and then simply assign the permission to any role, individual user or group of users.

Easily manage every user, every screen, every activity.
You have infinite possibilities with REACH Infinity.