Guildford Grammar School in Perth, Western Australia was ground zero for REACH.  Guildford Grammar with then Director of Boarding Mr Michael Holland (now the Director of Boarding at Brisbane Boys’ College in Queensland) where our very first pilot school.

Along with Guildford Grammar other pilot schools such as Christ Church Grammar (WA), The Scots PGC (Qld), Barker College (NSW), St Brigids College (WA), Genazzano (W) and Newington College (NSW) have helped us to develop the product to where it is today.

Mr Brad Evans is the Head of Boarding at Guildford Grammar and in this video interview he discusses how REACH Boarding has has had great support from his Parents and Staff.

Guildford Grammar are one of the schools that make full use of REACH Boarding’s student sign-in / sign-out (SISO) and location tracking capabilities. They achieve this with touchscreen pads in the boarding house foyer where students can easily sign themselves out to various locations and back in to the boarding house.  The mobile pads updates REACH in real time and this allows Guildford Grammar to know at any time the location of every student.

Guildford Grammar uses two systems in their main school MAZE and SEQTA, REACH has begun the process to connect their MAZE database to their REACH System, as we are doing with other school systems such as TASS or Synergetic.

Brad Evans explains how parents are finding the ease of use and availability engaging, how Staff have adapted from paper to a paperless system effortlessly and most importantly how the students have embraced the system.

Brad Evans is a point of contact for those school considering REACH who may be seeking a like minded a user’s opinion.


We are here today at Guildford grammar with Mr. Brad Evans, director of boarding as you can hear there is a bit of noise in the background so it’s just gone after three and the boys are just signing themselves in, now just firstly how are your parents going with REACH.

Brad Evans (GGS):  Yeah I think really, really well. Probably the biggest things I’ve picked up is the extra flexibility that they’ve got in being able to request leave well ahead of time, some parents have entered up to five leaves early so we know where there kids are going to be right up to the end of term, and the ease of use of being able to do it whenever, wherever they have access to the internet.

Steven Montgomery (REACH):  And what about yourself and your staff? What are some of the aspects of REACH that you’re enjoying, or sort of maybe making the job a little more efficient?

Brad Evans (GGS): Well first of all the big response for me is much less paper work on my desk which is a big cost. I think being able to monitor it myself whether via an iPad or from my home office, at all times knowing where the boarders are. I certainly think the Airport view at busy times after school on Fridays or Sunday nights with a lot of boys coming back provides you with a one glance look at exactly where the boys should be and where they are approved to go, and also just all of the staff are finding it a lot easier to have the boys being able to take some responsibility to decide here and now.

Steven Montgomery (REACH): So if we had another potential school looking at REACH what would maybe one of the main things you would recommend to them about REACH boarding?

Brad Evans (GGS): It just makes your life a whole lot easier and if you’re the Head of Boarding I think that’s the main thing and I think engagement, the boys are pretty engaged with it and keen to use the system as well.
Steven Montgomery (REACH): Well Brad thanks for your time today I know the boys have checked themselves in and out after school but we will touch base with you sometime soon. Thanks.