Do you set cut-off times or availability windows for student leave requests in your boarding school?  You can easily set availability windows or cut-off times for all of your leave types in REACH Boarding School Software.  In addition you can also set your leave cut off times to be hard or soft cut-offs.


A Soft Cut-off time will allow a student or parent to still submit their leave request after a nominated cut-off time. However, when submitting the leave request, REACH will notify the parent or boarder requesting leave that the request is being submitted outside of the approved window or leave cut-off time and that it may be rejected. REACH also allows you do deliver a custom alert message to the leave requester when a leave request with a soft cut-off time is being submitted.

A Hard Cut-Off will not permit a leave request to be submitted once the cut-off time has passed. It is a clear and final closing of the leave request window for a leave type.  When a leave request is submitted your custom notification message is delivered to the leave requester confirming that the leave cannot be submitted and that they should contact relevant staff if they need further assistance.

Leave Cut-offs and availability windows for your leave types are just one of the many features in the REACH Leave Management module.  REACH allows you to configure your entire leave process to suit your campus. The system is very flexible and even the most complicated structures and protocols can be accommodated to help your school seamlessly implement your boarding school policies and procedures.

Watch the video on how to set leave cut off times in REACH

Leave Cut Off – Configure Leave Cut Off Times from Touchline on Vimeo.