Magnus Health and REACH Boarding team up to offer Integrated Health for Boarding Schools.

Industry-leading Student Medical Records provider Magnus Health has teamed up with boarding school software experts REACH Boarding to deliver seamless access to medical information for boarding schools.

When independent schools need to modernize their health center and student health records, they turn to Magnus Health. And when boarding schools need a student management system to manage their day-to-day operations, REACH sets the global benchmark and is the smart choice. Now the two market leaders are teaming up to offer a single sign-on service with secure, HIPAA compliant data sharing for boarding schools. If you are a client of REACH and Magnus Health, managing your health care and records for your students is about to get even more effortlessly effective.

The seamless integration will allow REACH boarding schools to access, collect and track vital student health information in a secure online environment. Parents can submit health forms online, nurses can track treatments/immunizations , and teachers can immediately access emergency contact and health information from the Magnus mobile app.

Chief Strategy Officer Brian Biddulph-Krentar states, “The Magnus Health partnership with REACH shows our dedication to reducing risk and improving efficiency for schools both here in the United States as well as around the world. Our goal at Magnus is to help students and the people who care for them.”

About Magnus Health

Magnus Health is the leading provider of a web-based SMR (student medical record) solution designed specifically for use in schools. With clients ranging from small, private K-12 schools to large, public universities, Magnus Health’s primary focus is streamlining the collection and secure storage of student health information. The Magnus Health SMR equips schools with the tools they need to save time and money, reduce liability, improve emergency preparedness, and remain in compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, and state regulations. And that’s why we know that teaming up with REACH offers a smarter solution for clients.

About REACH Boarding School System
REACH is an award-winning, feature rich student management system that sets the global benchmark for managing student residential care. Developed especially for boarding school in collaboration with leading schools across three continents, REACH delivers a suite of features that provide the ultimate tool-kit for boarding schools to manage risk, gain efficiencies and improve communications. REACH facilitates boarding schools with the day-to-day student management operations including leave management, student tracking, attendance and roll-call, parent communications and notifications, student welfare and pastoral care, school management reporting and records filing and auditing.

As 24/7 care providers, medical information is an important part of student care. This partnership provides schools using REACH with rapid access for authorized staff to important student medical information.