Knowing what you don’t have can often be just as important as knowing what you do have and this is the case when it comes to important contacts information at your boarding school. This is why REACH Boarding School Software automatically monitors your data records to identify any important data that is missing and likely to cause disruption to your communications chain through a Contact Data Integrity Report (CDI).


Ensuring you have all of the relevant contact details of key people is critical for your boarding school management systems and REACH to work effectively. It is also forms part of the Australian Standards for Boarding that accurate contact details are maintained.

The Contact Data Integrity Report is a perpetual, printable screen report which identifies any critical data fields that are missing for your staff, hosts, boarders and parents.  This makes it easy for staff to recognise which data is missing and needs to be obtained.

Best practice in REACH is to ensure that you have, as a minimum, an email and mobile number contact point for each individual because these are the primary means of contact for REACH notifications.

To view your Contact Data Integrity Report at any time simply open Instant Reports in your REACH main menu and then select the Contact Data Integrity Report option.  A list of individuals with missing details will then be immediately displayed.

The Contact Data Integrity Report is another way that REACH ensures your school boarding house runs like a well-oiled machine.