Great news,  REACH Version3 is now released. We’re very excited to be rolling out version 3 of REACH Boarding School Sofware to all new and current users.   R3 provides many excellent developments that significantly improve the user experience with REACH and it sets the platform for even more great enhancements we working on for the second half of 2015 and early 2016.

Watch a short video to see our new user interface and some of the great new features in REACH 3.

REACH Boarding School System from Touchline on Vimeo.

Take a look at these 5 great new features in R3 that will change how you work.

1.  Multitasking made simple

Let’s face it, your work day is about juggling multiple tasks throughout the day so R3 is built to help you manage multiple tasks at once. Multitasking in REACH is unlimited. You can work on as many items as you want to in REACH simply by opening a new tab on screen.  Each new function you create will not interfere with any of your other open tabs either.  So when you’re working on something and quickly need to check on or do something else you can now do this effortlessly in REACH.

2.  Introducing the Student Sidebar

Now this is exciting! Clicking on the student name in REACH opens up the new Student Sidebar screen.  This is an additional workspace that does not interfere with whatever you are currently working on when you clicked on the student name.  The Student Sidebar allows you to view the complete boarder details including their leave history, roll-call history, pastoral notes and location tracking history.  It also allows you to make notes for that boarder …. all without interfering with your current main screen activity.  Oh, by the way, you can also easily move between students in the student sidebar too.


3.  Background Cacheing

Sometimes the things you cannot see can deliver some of the greatest benefits ….. SPEED !  One of the first things new users will notice about R3 is “speed”. Transactions are processed in an instant.  REACH continuously caches and updates data with the database in the background so you can move on to your next task and not wait for REACH to catch up with you.  R3 is just like a duck on water.  The body looks calm but the feet below the water are paddling frantically.  When combined with your multitasking tabs R3 is a system that can work as fast as you can imagine, on as many tasks as you can personally handle.

4.  Off-Line functionality

Having wifi problems at your school ? Perhaps you are taking a student  group to a remote location.  Never mind, R3 has got you covered giving you the ability to complete transactions off-line. Do what you need to do when you cannot connect and your system will sync with the database when you are able to reconnect and upload to the cloud portal again.


5.  Leave Event Overview

When you are looking at leave events in your R3 Running Leave Log a simple click on any leave event will bring up a complete profile of that transaction for users to view and action from.  It’s fast, it’s thorough and it gives you a full status of the leave event and all of the people involved in the process for each event.

The benefits and improvements in R3 don’t stop there.  There are dozens of tweeks, feature upgrades and completely new features in R3 that take REACH to a new level .