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Special Offer – National Boarding Week 2020

Get Free access to REACH Boarding Extension modules


Available to ABSA members only

In support of boarding schools and in consideration of the challenging circumstances facing schools due to Covid-19 restrictions, REACH Boarding is pleased to offer ABSA members access to REACH Extension modules at no cost.

events manager





student wellbeing module

REach now communications

reach rostering for staff

reach response emergency management

dorm manager with flexi boarding

reach qc incl. absa australian standards template

REACH is offering all ABSA members access to REACH Extension Modules for 2020 at no cost. 

Limit of 3 free extension modules per school.

Existing schools using REACH

  • If your school has already paid for your 2020 Extension modules then you can access the “free” offer for your 2021 subscription
    (please register to apply the special offer)

  • If your school has not yet paid for for your 2020 subscription you can access up to 3 extension modules on your current or upcoming subscription fee.

Schools not currently using REACH

  • If you are not a REACH customer you can request access to a free REACH portal to use up to 3 free Extension modules.
  • If you are not a REACH customer you can implement REACH Boarding System at your school with a delayed subscription fee to be paid in 2021.

Events Manager

Create, schedule, manage and run recreation events in REACH.  Send invites to students and parents, record registrations for attendance and chargeout. Create leave events and rollcalls for your events.  Record  event attendance to student records. A fully integrated module that links into REACH leave, kiosk screens, rollcalls and student records.

Medications Manager

Create a medications register for Prescription and Over the Counter medications. Schedule, administer and track prescribed medications. Record OTC permissions for students and administer approved medications to students. Control which staff can administer or edit medications and generate reports by student, by medication or by staff member. Full integration with student records in REACH.

Covid-19 Symptoms Screening Survey

A purpose built survey module to help schools conduct daily symptoms screening surveys for students and staff. Schools can customise survey questions to a targeted audience and a survey will be circulated each day.  Survey results feed to a live status dashboard providing a real time view of responses received with communications options to individuals or groups. Historic survey records are retained in the system and can be reproduced through the REACH report generator for instant screen reports, download to spreadsheet or print.

Student Report Cards

Design, score, comment and distribute custom report cards for your boarding students.  Print to hard copy PDF or distribute directly to your parent community.  Unlimited reports and can be used to measure performance, behaviour or wellbeing of students. 


Voyage Transport Manager

Collect transport details for leave and generate reporting tables by transport type.  Use Voyage to create transport booking forms or to produce advanced transport tables for any number of transport legs and transport types.

Staff Rostering

Create and manage staff rosters in REACH. Share rosters with staff, monitor hours worked, pay rates, budgets and work groups.  Build teams, and generate work reports.

Available July 2020


Student Wellbeing module

A special extension aligned with student pastoral records for the reporting and monitoring of student wellbeing.  Create Student Wellbeing Plans and monitor their implementation in the Wellbeing module.  Record and track wellbeing records for students with a specific Wellbeing display page.


REACH Now Communications

Communications made easy for your boarding operation.  Live chat with any REACH user, create Noticeboards for one way communication or Chat Rooms for group communication. Create unlimited channels and decide for each channel who can join it and who can contribute to the channel.  News channels, Feedback Channels, Staff group channels … all are possible with REACH Now.

Available June 2020


REACH Response

An Emergency Management module with multiple response templates for application to various event types. Automatic alerts, alert response monitoring, GPS tracking, real time rollcalls, live message and live chat with your entire boarding population. Keep your boarding community safe with REACH Response.

Available July 2020


Dorm Manager with Flexi Boarding

Build your Boarding House profile in REACH with details of buildings, floor levels, rooms and beds.  Manage room and bed placements and provide a flexi boarding booking system for temporary or flexi boarders.


QC Policy & Procedures, including ABSA Australian Standard Template

Store all of your relevant documents in REACH QC including compliance documents for the Australian Standard for Boarding. Monitor your standard compliance with record of required documents, expiry dates and compliance score.  Create an unlimited number of cocument folders or books for any purpose such as meeting minutes, facility records, inspection reports, etc. 


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