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Integrate REACH with your existing software and hardware solutions with multiple options for Single Sign-On protocols and User Identification hardware.

As a technology product REACH is always striving to utilize new and valuable tools to enhance our product. From using RFID, biometrics or GPS to monitor student movement to implementing new innovative technology tools such as i-Beacons, we are constantly looking for ways to improve user experience and deliver greater efficiency and control to boarding schools.

REACH is a dynamic product that undergoes perpetual development. All REACH users benefit from the global community of users with constant developments and improvements deployed seamlessly to clients through their cloud portals regularly. The Hotchkiss School will not have a static product in REACH, with REACH you will benefit from the perpetual development and upgrade to features and capabilities that we deploy as part of your ongoing annual subscription.

As a critical service provider to some of the best schools in the world we are acutely aware of the significant history and reputation at stake for schools that use REACH. We are entirely committed to achieving best practice with all of our clients and industry partners. Implementing technology partnerships with organizations like the Australian Boarding Schools Association to support the implementation of the Australian Standard for Boarding is an example of how REACH helps schools to manage their risk profile and improve business practices.

At all times our goal at REACH is to provide maximum risk management and procedural control for schools and to assist schools to continuously improve the quality of student care. We build features and functionality into our system that identify and address these priorities.

North America Integration Partners

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United Kingdom & European Union Integration Partners

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Australian Integration Partners

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Custom System Integration

Making REACH work with the other technology that you use in day to day life at school is one of the keys parts of what REACH can offer. Seamlessly integrating with the school Management Information Systems for example, means that the data you hold in REACH on your students and parents is always up to date without you having to maintain it, our integration solutions manage it all for you.

Our open approach to integrating with other systems means that we can pretty much work with anybody, but here are some of the more common services we work with.

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REACH is the ultimate efficiency and risk management system for boarding schools, setting the benchmark for best practice in residential student care. See first hand how REACH can enhance the way you manage and record activities in your boarding school.