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Our Global company started here…

ABSA Chairman Garth Wynne and Tom Dunsmore of the ABSA present Michael Holland with the 2014 Industry Innovation Award for REACH Boarding School Software

Our intimate knowledge and understanding of education and residential life at boarding schools blended with decades of IT development experience help to make REACH the benchmark product for boarding school automation.

REACH began one Thursday afternoon in October 2012 on a rugby field at Guildford Grammar School in Perth, Western Australia. Steve Montgomery went to assist Michael Holland to coach the Guildford Grammar 1st XV rugby team. Michael was the Head of Boarding for Guildford Grammar at the time.

Michael’s phone kept buzzing every few minutes with boarders trying to organise or confirm their upcoming weekend leave. It was clear that Michael, and likely many other Heads of Boarding across Australia, could benefit from a product that could change the way they do things.

We had experience making mobile apps for schools and Steve recognised immediately that we could build a solution to completely automate the boarder leave process. What started out as a simple mobile app to manage leave rapidly morphed into a much larger project.

The result is a comprehensive, multi-featured and advanced product which totally automates school boarding house activities. REACH provides schools with a powerful business tool which manages risk, improves communication and provides measurable efficiency gains.

REACH has been developed by boarding schools for boarding schools. With the assistance of leading schools across 3 continents we have created a suite of important features which provide the ultimate toolkit for boarding schools to manage risk, gain efficiencies and improve communications.

More than 250 schools across 5 continents use REACH to achieve global best practice in the management of boarding students and boarding house operations including Leave Management, Student Tracking, Attendance and Roll-Call, Parent Communications and Notifications, Student Welfare and Pastoral Care, School Management Reporting and Records Filing and Auditing.

Our Global Team

Brian Murray

Brian Murray

Director – REACH North America

Brian has spent the last decade as a manager in boarding schools and has an intimate working knowledge of boarding school operations, requirements and procedures throughout North America..

Adam Bates

Adam Bates

Director – REACH Europe

Adam brings a thorough understanding of education with 20 years of delivering and supporting IT solutions including software used in over 20 countries by 4 million teachers and learners.

James England

James England

Director – REACH Europe

An experienced teacher and with 15 years of developing, implementing and supporting education technology products

James leads our technical team in Europe.

Garry Jowett

Garry Jowett

Director - REACH Australia

With twenty-five years business experience in product development from concept to commercialisation in multinational corporations and small business operations, Garry is navigating the path for REACH to become the global benchmark for boarding school automation.

Brad Gibby

Brad Gibby

Director of Research and Development, aka Guru

More than 20 years commercial experience with programming and systems engineering projects in education, government and commercial applications sets the development platform for REACH.

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Participate in the development of REACH Software

As a system undergoing perpetual development we pro-actively seek ideas and concepts from our user base to implement in REACH.

We ask, we listen, we build ….then we ask again.

Every REACH user has the opportunity to play an active role in the ongoing development of REACH. We build new product features that are driven by the boarding school community.

We invite you to try REACH in your school with a Free Demo

REACH is the ultimate efficiency and risk management system for boarding schools, setting the benchmark for best practice in residential student care. See first hand how REACH can enhance the way you manage and record activities in your boarding school.