Automate your boarding school for greater control, safety and efficiency with REACH Boarding

REACH Boarding is the global leader in boarding school automation with over 300 schools across 5 continents using REACH to manage risk, gain efficiency and improve communications throughout their boarding operations.

Manage Risk. Gain Efficiency. Improve Communication.

Automating your school boarding house management with REACH can simplify your operations and save you many work hours per week with efficient, fully traceable and reportable transactions that will help you to reduce risk and improve student care.

500 Million+

Audit Log Entries

350 +

Schools using REACH globally

250 Million+

of Sign In’s / Sign Out’s

REACH Boarding Solutions

REACH School Boarding System is powerful student management software for boarding schools which automates control and monitoring procedures for school boarding houses. REACH Boarding School System allows boarding schools to establish and control procedures with complete tracking and reporting capability for a wide range of core activities. REACH also has the ability to provide all data for integration with existing school management systems through direct API data connection or simple data export/import.

Solutions for Boarding Management & Staff

REACH makes it easy for you to know Who is Where and When they are returning to your boarding house.

Solutions for Parents & Students

The Notifications Module is the communications hub of the REACH Boarding System.

Biometric Solutions in Boarding

REACH makes it easy for you to know Who is Where and When they are returning to your boarding house.


Send, receive, approve, notify, file and report leave requests in an instant on any device.


Take attendance at any time, on any device, for any student house, year or other group.


Know in an instant Who is Where and When they are returning to your boarding house.


Record and track student behaviour, medical and welfare with easy sharing and reporting.


The REACH communications hub enables information sharing in any format.


Instant, real-time and projected student meal requirements 24/7, including special meals.


Manage staff with end of shift reports, rostering, accreditation and training records.


Harness the data from your daily activities to create meaningful management reports and insight.


The ultimate filing cabinet where all records are captured and recorded for rapid and easy accessibility.


Configure REACH to operate using your own campus policies, procedures and protocols.


Integrate data with your existing school systems and maintain single sign-on capabilities.


Select from secure cloud hosting or on-site school hosting with your own private servers.

Secure Data Protection

REACH uses industry leading security standards with 2048 bit cypher, SSL encrypted data.

Multi-platform Operation

REACh provides complete functionality across PC and mobile platforms.

Customize Administration

Set rules for leave, notifications, auto-reporting and administrative structures.

System integration

Integrate REACH with your school database using direct API data feeds or data export.

Integrate with your System of choice

As the worldwide leader in Boarding School Management, REACH has a wide array of Partners in the Boarding School space. From Student Information Systems to Healthcare to Event Planning…if you are using it, we want to integrate with it. Our Integration Specialists work with schools around the world to ensure that REACH integrates with your eco-system.

We invite you to try REACH in your school with a Free Demo

REACH is the ultimate efficiency and risk management system for boarding schools, setting the benchmark for best practice in residential student care. See first hand how REACH can enhance the way you manage and record activities in your boarding school.