Most of the time we find that staff users of the REACH Boarding System are interested in knowing which students have requested leave and where that request is in the approvals process but there are also times such as end or term holidays when it is just as important to know who does not have leave requests submitted than it is to know who does.

Using the REACH Leave Overview dashboard lets you manage both requirements effortlessly because it allows you to;

  • View Every student’s leave profile in the coming month
  • Easily determine who does and who does not have leave submitted for any given day or day range
  • Rapidly generate an email reminder to all students who “do not” have leave requests submitted in a single click.

End of term leave monitoring

Here’s how the REACH makes end of term leave monitoring easy.

Open the Leave Overview Dashboard from your leave menu.  
This screen displays the leave profile for all of your students and it allows you to filter your view to show only a single Grade, Dorm or even your individual Student Groups.  You can see the leave profile for your selected student view for the week or month.  You can also set a specific date range if you want to look for a particular period in time.

Rank your list by any column 
Click on any column header for a day and you can quickly rank your list by the leave events for that day.  Show those without leave first or those with leave first … clicking the column header will set the ranking up or down to suit your requirement.

Rank by multiple columns
Often ranking by one column is simply not enough so REACH allows you to rank by two columns. So you can set your ranking to show those without leave and then rank your list by Surname or First Name if you wish to get them in the order that you need to work with. Simply hold down the Shift Key and select your second column header to rank by a second column.

Quickly identify how many students do not have leave and email them
At the top of your page you will see the Leave Counter which identifies for you the number of students who “do not” have any leave requests in your system for the identified date period.

Clicking on the Counter will then allow you to easily send an email to the students identified and even include their parents if you would like to inform both student and parent.