Student tracking for boarding schools.

Who ?  Where ?  When ? 

Know where your students are at the press of a button.

On or Off Campus.

The REACH home screen provides access to a complete boarder list with a real time summary count of how many students are on or off campus, details about the current location of each student and rapid one-click access to a full boarder profile.
Drill down to individual boarder detail easily in REACH at the click of a button.

By Location.

Real time tracking of boarders by location is easily tracked in the overview chart. There is no limit to the number of locations you can track in REACH. Users have the ability to create and and set rules for an unlimited number of locations.
REACH displays an overview of student locations allowing you to know in an instant how your boarder population is dispersed.

By Student.

Know where each student is, when they went there and when they are scheduled to return.
Student Tracking Kiosk in REACH Boarding School Software shows all student by location in real time. Users can create an unlimited number of locations which are color coded in the kiosk display.

Student Movements.

Easily monitor and manage student movements. Know departure and arrival times and with screen alerts for late return.

Manage Leave Requests.

Managing Leave Requests has never been easier. Staff, parents students and hosts can create and approve leave from any device, in an instant. Create an unlimited number of leave types each. Limit availability to year groups, de ne procedures and noti cations rules for each leave type. Ensure all parties are noti ed, all approvals are achieved promptly and processing is error free. Speed up your leave processing, reduce errors, eliminate delays and file all your leave records automatically and instantly.

Manage Risk, gain efficiency and improve communications with REACH.

Leave Management and Student Tracking are just the start. REACH provides Nine fully integrated modules which put you in total control and allow you to automate your boarding house activities to gain EFFICIENCY, reduce RISK and improve COMMUNICATIONS.