More than 20 new and improved features

There’s a lot to do in boarding. That’s why REACH is more than just a mobile app for leave.  We’ve been very listening to what schools want and adding more with more than 20 new and improved features that help you to manage your entire boarding operation.

Here’s a preview of the updates that help make REACH Boarding System  the global benchmark for boarding school automation.


REACH new and improved features - Boarding student reports

Boarder Performance Reports

Create your own report designs, mark them and publish them in hard or digital format to your boarding parents through REACH. Completed reports are also saved to the boarder’s profile, building a historical view for each performance report template. Your reports can be as simple or as complex as you want to design and you can have an unlimited number of report templates.

REACH new and improved features - IP Address alerts

Suspicious Approval Alerts

Receive alert flags in your approval notifications when parent or host leave approvals appear suspicious to REACH.  We’re monitoring how, when,who and where your requests for leave are being approved and whenever we see a suspicious approval you will see a suspicious alert icon appear on your Manage Leave display. Opening for a detailed view will highlight the approver and reason why it has flagged as suspicious. 

REACH new and improved features - Sticky Notes

Sign Out Sticky Notes

Create important messages that appears on a student’s sign out screen that require staff verification before sign out. Use Stick Notes to ensure essential Duty of Care procedures are followed every time a student signs out from your boarding house or just as a simple messaging or reminder system to students and staff at sign out. Create notes for individuals or for groups of students.

REACH new and improved features - Location Curfews

Location Curfews

Control when your QuickLeave locations are available for students to access and sign out to.  Set opening times for the location access and Curfew return times that limit the time that a student can go to the QuickLeave location for.  Create and manage. Set as many curfew profiles as you want and set different curfews for different student groups for each location.

REACH new and improved features - Quick-Leave Flexi-time

Flexi-time for Quick-Leave

Flexi-time for Quick-Leave locations allows you to adjust the preset permitted time for Quick-Leave Sign Out locations as students are signing out to the location. Flexi-time can be activated on a per location basis and it will adhere to any Location Curfews that you have set for your locations also.

REACH new and improved features - GPS Tracking

GPS Location Records

As part of our improvements in the REACH student tracking and our approach to emergency management you now have the ability to track the geo-location of your students on and off campus. When geo-locations are set for your locations REACH is able to then provide location mapping for your student population based on their current location in your REACH Kiosk view.

REACH new and improved features - Boarding student summary views

Student Summary Dashboard

More improvements to the Student Summary Dashboard allows you to visualise the entire information set of your students in their profile view.  This versatile student profile dashboard can now also be used to display relevant information about your students from external services to REACH through integrated views. In September, Parent views will also switch over to a student dashboard view allowing schools to select what information gets shared with parents from your REACH portal.

REACH new and improved features - Restrictions and grounding

Student Restrictions

Gating and Grounding has received an upgrade and will also get a rename to include Restrictions as the module has been extended to include the ability to implement non leave related restrictions such as digital device confiscations.  You now have the ability to create as many Gating or Restriction profiles as you like. For each profile you can determine which locations or leave it affects and then simply select the restriction profile you want to apply.

REACH new and improved features - Pastoral points

Pastoral Points

A simple scoring mechanism that is integrated with the submission of student pastoral notes allowing you to allocate point score or rating for some, or all, of your pastoral notes for students. Benchmark behavior across your entire student population or for any selective group of students or use the points mechanism to set benchmarks for restrictions or privileges.

Daily meals list by student

Check scheduled meals for every individual student in the new Meals Report by Day dashboard. This is a dynamically updating dashboard that monitors each individual students status for every scheduled meal. It allows you to check at a micro level who is scheduled to attend each meal.

REACH new and improved features - special meal requirements

Meals by medical condition

An aggregated meals dashboard that provides a view of your total meal count for each daily meal and specifically identifies any special meals for meals that are affected by student medical conditions or late meal orders from student.  Like all REACH dashboards, you can lock users down to being view only this screen which makes it an ideal dashboard to share as a live view for your catering staff.

REACH features - Recreation Events Manager

Events Manager upgrade

There’s a dozen new or improved features in the Recreation Events Manager that providing even more control for recreational event signups, signouts, rollcalls and chargeouts.  REACH Events Manager fully integrates with your REACH portal creating event invitations, managing signups, creating roll call lists, leave requests for approval and even providing a place for your risk assessment and other documents in the event records.

REACH Boarding System - Documents uploader

Document Uploader extended

Not only can you create your own folders and upload documents to your REACH File Manager but now you can also upload relevant documents to any individual contact in your REACH database. Whether they are relevant student records, Parental documents, Host Certifications or even Staff accreditations, you can place them on the contact’s profile in your REACH portal for easy access.

REACH new and improved features - Consent Forms

Consent Forms

Consent Forms are part of the REACH Lists and Forms extension module. They allow you to create, distribute and track parental consent forms to any group of parent contacts in your REACH database.  Consent forms appear on the Parent’s REACH login portal and are associated to students in their student profile.  You can create Consent Forms for any requirement that you have. Consent Forms can only be signed by an authenticated parent logged in to their REACH portal.

REACH Boarding System - Email Logs

Email notification logs

We track the status of every email sent by your school’s portal.  Emails are tracked for successful delivery, opening, clicking and failed or rejected status. We also track the IP address and device type of any opened or clicked emails. These tracking results are now also available for you to view directly in your portal with an Email Logs dashboard.

REACH features - Lists and FOrmss

Student Lists & Forms upgrade

An upgrade to REACH Student Lists & Forms sees the lists now being published to the student’s mobile app and the inclusion of a wide range of REACH lookup fields for your list or form questions.  Use the powerful questions manager to create lists and forms for for a wide range of requirements in your boarding house.  If you are collecting lists, then REACH Lists can automate this for you.

REACH Boarding System - Medications Manager

Medications Manager upgrade

The REACH Medications Manager extension has received an upgrade with some additional features allowing your to write medical notes to student records with an ability to control who can view and write these. You can also use the Appointments manager to set medical appointments for students that will display on student’s calendar.

REACH Boarding - Asseccibility controls

Security & Access control

There are a host of new and updated individual security and accessibility settings which can be applied to entire role of users or to user profile individually. These controls continue to add the granular control REACH administrators have to manage portal access and security.