When a school has an emergency evacuation or lockdown event it is a high-risk situation that requires immediate and careful management.  At this moment, knowing where all of your students are in real time is extremely important and valuable information that can mean the difference between a harmful or safe outcome.

REACH Boarding School System assists in this situation by utilizing the power of our Student Tracking module to provide staff with an immediate report to identify the real-time location of the entire boarding population at that moment.  All boarders are identified whether they are on or off campus. If they are on campus then REACH provides details about where on campus they are.

This is information is then circulated to all staff to assist with managing the situation on hand. Within seconds of activating the REACH Emergency Button all staff will be notified of the incident and last known location for each individual boarder.

Let’s take a look at exactly what happens when the REACH Emergency Button is activated.

1. Activation

When an emergency event or campus lockdown situation is taking place any staff member logged in to REACH can activate the REACH Emergency Button.  Activation is a two-step confirmation process just to ensure that the activation is not occurring by accident.


Activation is a two-step confirmation process just to ensure that the activation is not occurring by accident.

Once activated the user’s device will revert directly to the attendance screen so they are ready to begin a roll-call.

2. Locating Boarders

Once activated REACH accesses real-time information from the Student Locator (Kiosk) screen to identify the last known location for each of your boarders. REACH collates this information with boarder names, year, house and location details.

3. Notification

REACH will then distribute the boarder location report by email and SMS notification to all staff members.  Staff can then use this report to assist with their incident management procedure.

In the soon to be released REACH version 3 notifications will also be forwarded to boarders who are known to be off-campus.  REACH will generate a confirmation request message and send it to the off-campus boarders by email and SMS asking them to confirm their off-campus status with staff.