Mammoth REACH Upgrade to version3.3

Hundreds of hours of development work have gone into the Mammoth upgrade to REACH version 3.3. It is  now available for use and will be rolling out to existing users throughout August. Our pilot changeover schools will be operating from Monday 25th July for final testing and then we will do the Mammoth roll-out to all schools in batches from Monday, 1st August.


Let’s take a look inside and see what you can expect to see in the Mammoth upgrade to REACH version 3.3.


A Nifty new user interface.

A cleaner, lighter, faster and smarter user interface that unleashes a range of smart user capabilities.

Improved Metrics Screen

The Metrics landing page is improved with cleaner interface and new components like Birthday lists, RSS feeds and News.

Advanced Leave Workflows

Set advanced leave permission workflows with unlimited approval steps and participants for any leave type.

 Recurring Leave Events.

Create one leave request and one set of approvals for any number of recurring leave events.

 Group Leave Events

Create one leave request for any group or collection of students as a single, common leave request.

Quotas for Leave

Set quotas for any leave type or collection of leave types, for any student group over any time frame.

Quotas for Anything

Why restrict quotas to just leave? Set quotas for any event in REACH to generate notifications or consequences when triggered.

Groups for Parents & Staff

You can already create unlimited student groups. Now you can aslo create unlimited groups for parents and staff, or combinations of user types.

Calendar Views

New calendar views for staff, parents and students provide easy to use time scale viewing of leave and other events.

Roll Call Grid View

Select from list or grid view when doing a roll call checkin.

Improved Roll Call Functions

Hold your filters and roll call records as you switch between views and push you processed records to the bottom of your screen.

User Defined Fields

Create your own used defined fields that capture information which is not a standard part of the REACH profile.

Happy Birthday!

Student birthday listings and reminder notifications to associated staff to help you remember those important moments.

Improved Duty Reports

A popular and useful feature just got better with improved flexibility when writing and sharing Duty Reports.

Calling Maintenance

Create and share a maintenance list on the go in your Duty Reports and push the information directly to your maintenance department.

Improved Kiosk View

Improvements to the Kiosk interface enable more flexibility and greater access to other parts of REACH.

Sign-Out Notes

Allow students to write notes when signing out to locations.  Get additional information for improved knowledge and awareness.

More Location restrictions

More power and flexibility in restricting access to locations and setting time permissions by student groups for every location.

The Headless Kiosk

Hide student images from unattended sign-our Kiosks and run imagery of your choice like school branding or news items.

IP Address Geoflags

Know where an approvedl has originated from in your permissions tracking with geoflags for IP address locations.

 IP Address Sign-In Tracking

Limit campus sign-in to devices that are using campus IP address only.



Improved Student Sidebar

An improved student sidebar with better groupings of contact information and student history information.

Unlimited User Roles

Create an unlimited number of user roles in REACH for staff and easily control their access to information in your portal.

Student Medical Profile

An important medical profile page in the student record lets you store critical medical information for rapid access when in need.

Dashboard – Leave Summary

A live, always reporting dashboard for leave events means rapid access to leave information 100% of the time.

Dashboard – SISO Summary

A live dashboard showing historic student movements by location records. Records for all student movements to all locations is at your fingertips 100% of the time.

Dashboard – Roll Call Checkins

A live dashboard showing historic roll call checkins providing and always ready display of all roll call results as they happen.

Dashboard – Checkin Summary

A live summary report for any category of roll call or checkin event such as lights out. Know what has happened with a results summary for the entire population of students.

File & Document Manager

Store school policy documents or staff procedure guidelines, or information sheets. Anything you want to store, with user access management.

Advanced Audit Log

Improved Audit Log management links common events and makes it easy for you to trace all records for related events.


Data Importer

Import and update your student or staff records with our improved, user friendly data importer wizard.

RSS Feeds

Publish RSS feeds from REACH or display RSS feeds fro other sources to display in REACH.

Edit your list

Select which columns to display and where to display them with data table flexibility that helps you see what you want to see.

OAuth Single Sign On

Single Sign On with Google or Office 365 OAuth for easy user access control. Easy for users and staff.

SAML2.0 Single Sign On

Connect your Single Sign On users with SAML2.0 for premium security.

Cert3 User Authentication

Our very own advanced 3 factor user authentication process that means nobody ever loses a password again.

Desktop Notifications

Receive desktop notifications from REACH for important alerts even when you are not using REACH.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast any important message to your REACH user community by any group of users or user type you wish.

Your REACH, Your Colour

Customise your REACH theme and pick for up to 36 different colour schemes.


Customer conversions begin August 1st, 2016

There’s a lot to digest for the Mammoth upgrade to REACH v3.3. We will provide a suite of resources including documentation, videos and webinars to help you understand the range of new features and how they can help your school to get even more out of REACH.

Customer portal changeovers will begin on August 1st and you will be contacts in the week beginning August 1 with a scheduled changeover date for your portal of you are an existing REACH user.  By the end of August all existing schools will be transferred.

The future of boarding is with REACH.

We have even more new great features planned and we are already working away on some of these exciting features. The future is bright. We can see it and with your help we are building it. The way schools manage boarding is changing forever and as a REACH customer you are leading this global change.