How REACH can more than pay fR3-Features-Wheelor itself at your school.

Justifying a school’s investment in REACH is a common and reasonable expectation from any school executive board so we have provided this document to assist boarding managment to quantify some of the tangible benefits that REACH will provide to your school.

We encourage all schools to assess REACH as an investment rather than simply as an operating cost because REACH will provide tangible and perpetual financial and management returns on this investment. It is our firm belief that REACH will provide full cost recovery through reduced resourcing requirements and/or the reallocation of administrative labour alone.

We have set out below some of the areas where REACH will provide measurable benefits to your school.

ICON RiskManage and reduce risk in your boarding school.

REACH is a powerful risk management tool which provides your school with the systems, procedures, data records and rapid reporting capability to manage risk and more importantly to reduce your risk profile.

Some examples where REACH provides risk management & reduction are;

  • Instant knowledge of on/off campus numbers and boarder location on campus.
  • The REACH Audit Trail provides a thorough tracking process of all activities for every individual, every communication and every transaction on the REACH system. This gives you rapid access to critical information in the instance of any incident.
  • Transactions such as student leave cannot occur on REACH unless the correct procedures and/or approvals are followed. These procedures are set in your system configuration.
  • REACH Pastoral Care and Medical Recording assist boarding administrators to more effectively monitor and manage student wellbeing and medical care
  • Electronic check-in / checkout provides for accurate time and date stamping of student movements and features such as geo-fencing or GPS tracking provide even greater monitoring capabilities.



What is the price of Risk at your school? 

Risk is intangible so it’s difficult to quantify but there is a value that your school places and a cost that your school faces for minimising and managing risk. 

REACH is a powerful and cost effective tool which significantly improves risk management in the school boarding house.

ICON Continuous Improvement2Achieve continuous improvement and implement best practice in your boarding school

REACH is a powerful and flexible management tool which sets new benchmarks for best practice in Boarding Schools.  REACH provides your school with a pathway for continuous improvement through a program of regular system improvements, new technology adoption and drawing of best practice from boarding schools across Australia to implement new operating features. REACH is also working closely with the Australian Boarding Schools association to establish and implement a range of metrics that will assist with the monitoring and compliance reporting for the Australian Boarding Standard being introduced in 2015. These standards built into REACH will assist all schools wherever in the world you may be using REACH.

REACH enables all schools, regardless of their size, to implement state of the art systems and capability to manage their business.  REACH makes it possible and affordable for smaller schools to implement capability that many large schools are yet to implement.


ICON Continuous Improvement2

The most cost efficient way to achieve continuous best practice is to share methods and development costs among your peers.  REACH achieves this, drawing best practices from leading schools across a global user base and applying these into a powerful and flexible management tool for your school.

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Improved parent & student experience

The benefits of REACH extend beyond schools and staff to include parents and students also. REACH provides an engaging, convenient and simple way for parents to manage their role at your school with access to information, forms and notifications on any device.

Parents also benefit from the control systems and the instant notifications that REACH provides and this enables enhanced communications with parents and an improved parent experience in their engagement with your school.



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The time savings, improved communications and knowledge capability that REACH delivers is as potent and valuable for parents as it is for your school and staff. REACH is more than just a management tool for your school, it can also play a role as a marketing tool for your school with existing and prospect parents.


ICON ClockSave several hours per week managing your boarding activities.

The most tangible and obvious gain from implementing REACH is the many hours that boarding staff will save in their weekly work routine.  REACH delivers substantial efficiencies across all modules, reducing resource requirements and freeing up administrative hours which can be reallocated to other activities.  Some examples of REACH efficiency gains you can expect are;

  • Receive, approve, process, file and report student leave requests in an instant, on any device
  • Eliminate time wasted following up incomplete request forms
  • Schedule automatic report generation and distribution to all relevant stakeholders
  • Take a roll-call and file or report the data at any time, on any device and in an instant
  • Know where all students are instantly with the REACH overview



ICON Clock


Save your school anywhere from 5-10 administrative hours per week. 

Even small schools confirming significant and tangible time saving in managing leave alone with the implementation of REACH. 

What is the cost of your labour ? 

How might these hours be reallocated to other activities in your school or how might REACH reduce your need to employ additional administrative resources?


ICON CateringReduce wastage and better manage your boarding house kitchen planning and costs.

REACH provides your school with accurate and real-time meal requirements for your boarders. Catering management can know in an instant the number of students that will be on campus for the next meal and the meal after that. In fact your catering management can easily access at any time the anticipated meal requirements for any meal into the future.  They can also identify in an instant how many of those meals are restricted diet meals such as diabetic, gluten free or vegetarian. With REACH you can easily distribute meal forecasts to your catering department based on actual boarder movements and by meal type (gluten free, vegan. etc). Your catering staff can even access on-campus boarder numbers in real time if they are provided with access to REACH.



ICON Catering


What is the catering budget for your school ? 
What is a 5% saving worth, or perhaps even a 10% saving ?


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