In boarding schools staff will, from time time, need to take disciplinary action for student misbehaviour.  A potent tool in managing this behaviour is the ability to gate or ground a student boarder from off campus leave or recreation activities.

Gating and grounding of students as discipline in boarding schools is now simplified in the REACH Boarding System with new, upgraded gating and grounding functionality. This helps boarding schools to manage the gating function, the communication of the disciplinary action being taken to students, staff and even parents if desired. REACH also records the gating history of a students and allows you to report historic performance for individual students or groups of students.

What does gating or grounding a student do?

You can prevent any student from applying for leave when they are gated or grounded for disciplinary reasons. When a student if gated in REACH they are prevented from requesting leave and from signing out to any locations on or off campus.

  • Students cannot request Leave. Students cannot sign out to any locations,
  • Parents can still request leave, and
  • Staff can still sign a student out to locations on or off campus. Staff can also still request and approve leave on behalf of a student.

How to gate or ground a student.

There’s a new control for gating students on the student sidebar in your REACH portal.  The Gating Lock icon will display white by default and red when a student has been gated.

Control who has access to manage Gating

The Gating status icon is visible to all staff and it will appear red when a student is gated.  You can control who has authority to set or edit a student’s gating status by managing the accessibility controls of your individual staff members or their Role Type in REACH.  Only permitted staff will be able to gate or ungate students.

Gating or grounding procedure

For staff or faculty that have permission to manage the gating status of students clicking on the gating icon in the student sidebar of the student profile will open the Gating Controls dialogue. Staff that do not have permission to manage the gating status of students will not have access to the Gating Controls, they will see only a description of the current gating status of the student when they click on the gating icon.  Staff with access to the Security tab in People Management can also access the Gating procedure from the Gating field.

Set the Time & Date
You can set the start and end date and time for any gating incident.  If you leave the End Date blank then the gated status of the student will be maintained indefinitely until the student is manually ungated.

Add the Reason
Provide details of why the student is being gated and any additional commentary.  Gating incidents will be captured as a pastoral note in the student’s pastoral history. A report can then be generated whenever it is required to list all gating incidents for a student or group of students over any time frame.

Notify Student and Parents
Gating incidents are automatically shared with students by email and push message to their mobile app. There is also an option to share the details of the incident with the student’s parents by email and push message.  Clicking the selection box will include parents into the notification.

Quick Ungate
You can ungate a student at any using the ungate button.  This is how you can ungate students that have been gated idefinitely and how you can ungate a student early from an existing gating status.

Notify Staff & Faculty
You can select any staff or faculty that need to be notified about this gating in the staff to inform field. Here you can add individual staff & faculty members or use the drop down selector to select any of your staff groups that have been created.