REACH is loaded with 10 core modules

REACH School Boarding System is powerful student management software for boarding schools which automates control and monitoring procedures for school boarding houses. REACH Boarding School System allows boarding schools to establish and control procedures with complete tracking and reporting capability for a wide range of core activities. REACH also has the ability to provide all data for integration with existing school management systems through direct API data connection or simple data export/import.

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Leave Management

The Leave Management Module is the busiest module in REACH.  It is a secure communications and transactions processor between staff, parents, hosts and students.  The Leave module enables parents to request leave on any device and staff to approve or reject instantly from any device.  All transactions and communications are tracked. Not a thing is missed in the audit trail so you have total risk management and reporting for all activity in the leave module.

Roll Call & Attendance

The Attendance Module allows you to take a boarding house attendance at any time and to immediately produce and circulate the results as a report to relevant stakeholders. Students with approved leave are automatically identified and noted in the Attendance screen and changing the status of a student is a one touch process, unless you wish to add a note to the student’s record, which of course you can do as you take an attendance. Historic attendance records for any individual are easily referenced on screen whilst our audit log ensures thorough record keeping and our reporting module allows you easy access to historic data.

Student Tracking

REACH makes it easy for you to know Who is Where and When they are returning to your boarding house. The Student Tracking Module tracks and reports student movements in, out and around your boarding house or school and integrates that data with all other relevant modules within the REACH system.  Movement transactions and student monitoring can be created manually or electronically and staff can know simply by checking a REACH dashboard screen where any or all students are in real time and when they are due back into the boarding house.

Staff Module

Manage and record staff accreditations and design your own End of Shift Reports which can be easily shared with any distribution list and which integrate directly with the student pastoral care module. Students names in an End of Shift Report will have notes automatically recorded to their student records.


The Notifications Module is the communications hub of the REACH Boarding System.  It manages the automatic communications to stakeholders for various transactions and allows you to distribute manual communications to any individual, group or combination of groups by push alert to app, sms or email. In the Notifications Module you can customise the procedural rules for automatic notifications throughout REACH for activities such as leave requests and the REACH Audit Log ensures every single communication is recorded and recoverable.

System Customisation

Part of the true power of REACH is that so much of REACH is fully customisable for your school.  You can put your own school footprint into REACH by setting any number of custom fields and procedural rules for things like leave types, locations, transport types, meal types and notification protocols. REACH provides you with full control and enormous flexibility to configure REACH to work for your specific environment.  All your needs can be managed from your own web portal, by your staff, easily and for immediate application. Your REACH Daily Student Management App will adapt to your customised changes on your REACH portal.

Catering Manager

The Kitchen Manager Module provides instant, real-time and projected student meal requirements 24/7. Catering management can manage costs and reduce wastage by accurately predicting meal requirements at any time  …  for the day, the week-end, the week or whatever period they wish.  Students who participate in extra curricula activities that run during meal time can still ensure they receive their meal through the Kitchen Module.


The Reporting Module harnesses the integrated data capturing capabilities of REACH into a powerful and flexible management tool.  Rapid Reports from any screen enable quick access to and sharing of relevant data reports without leaving your activity screen whilst our automated scheduled reports are a convenient and efficient tool which allows you to set regular reports to run automatically with circulation to relevant stakeholders. Turning your REACH transactional data into powerful management reports happens here.

Audit Trail

The REACH Audit Log is your ultimate filing cabinet. It provides a thorough chronological record of every single activity carried out on the REACH system. Every transaction, every communication, every note whether it is new or adjusted, every login by every user. Everything is recorded, stored and is easily accessible to you at the press of a button. This module plays a critical role in tracking procedural workflows for any activity or boarder at anytime.  If you need details of any record or activity, whether it happened today or 2 years ago ….. it’s available at the press of a button in the REACH Audit log.

Data Integration

REACH can fully integrate data with existing school databases through secure Application Programming Interface (API) connections with read only or read and update data table access.  REACH also provides for Single-Sign-On capabilities with existing school programs.

REACH is the ultimate efficiency and risk management system for boarding schools, setting the benchmark for best practice in residential student care.

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