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Manage User Access Control like never before with REACH Infinity

We have redesigned the REACH User Access Security System from the ground up to create a robust and flexible system that provides administrators with complete control across the entire user base.

We have called it REACH Infinity because it provides you with unlimited flexibility and endless possibilities. It gives you the ability to control the access and activity capability for every User, on every Screen and for every Action in REACH.

The core security infrastructure of REACH INFINITY is based on three pillars of management which determine the Access, Behaviour and Control functions that are made available to every individual user of REACH.



REACH Infinity will allow you to configure more than 300 individual access permission options for any individual user in REACH.



When it is not necessary to manage user access in such detail you can simply select from a range of predefined access roles.


Single Access

The power of REACH Infinity is in the ability to change any single access permission for any single user to set their access permission to any part of REACH.

Secure Cloud Portal & Data Protection

Reach Boarding School Software operates through private and secure online portals which allows Staff, Parents and Boarders to collaborate in a real-time, unified and consistent manner across all devices.

Reach CMS provides for fast and secure communications between all parties and it delivers premium levels of data security with 2048 bit cypher, SSL encrypted data.

Cloud Host or Self Host

For some schools there may be internal school policies that regulate the storage or student personal data to on-campus, school managed servers only.

REACH offers schools the option of Cloud or self-hosting environments. If your IT policy is for on-campus storage only then you can host REACH on campus using your own secure server.

Data Residency

We take Data residency seriously at REACH also. That’s why we operate multiple servers around the world in key locations to support data residency concerns of our client schools.

API Connection

REACH can fully integrate data with existing school databases through secure Application Programming Interface (API) connections with read only or read and update data table access. REACH also provides for Single-Sign-On capabilities with existing school programs.

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REACH is the ultimate efficiency and risk management system for boarding schools, setting the benchmark for best practice in residential student care. See first hand how REACH can enhance the way you manage and record activities in your boarding school.