Eight screens to change the way you manage your Boarding School

10 core modules in REACH can help your Boarding School run like a well oiled machine.

REACH School Boarding System is powerful residential and student management software which has been developed especially for Boarding Schools.

REACH automates boarding procedures and it can help your school to achieve new levels of control and efficiency in your boarding house.

Let’s take a look at seven screens from REACH to demonstrate how we can help your school to manage boarding house activities.

1. REACH Metrics Dashboard

This is the landing place in REACH when you first open the system. Immediately you can tell where all of your boarders are, on or off campus , and where on campus they are.

Click on the location wheel and REACH will provide a list of boarder names at any of the locations.

This dash also contains a range of metrics to show you what’s happening on your campus, a running log of the latest events that have taken place in REACH, your upcoming meal count requirements and the latest news published to your REACH users.

2. Boarder Leave Overview Screen

The Leave Overview screen provides users with an instant summary of boarder leave profiles for the coming week, fortnight or month.

You can filter the view by any type of boarder grouping (year, house or any other group that you have created in REACH for boarders).

Clicking on any event will open the details for that event for easy reviewing.

3. Running Leave Log

The Running Leave Log is one of the main leave management screens in REACH. All of your current leave events will be listed in the Running Leave log.

This includes any leave event and any status where the leave return date has not already passed. Leave events can be actioned from this screen from the drop down options in the colour coded status bar and clicking on any event will provide an event profile with full details of the event and who has actioned it.

Clicking on a boarder name will open the Student Sidebar Screen which provides you with access to a complete boarder profile including a history of leave, attendance and any notes on the boarder’s record.

4. Student Movements (Airport) screen

The Student Movements screen is an activity screen which allows you to easily manage student movements for the current day.

It provides details of boarder departures and arrivals expected for the next 24 hours with colour coded event status indicators.

We call it the Airport view because this screen is inspired by the arrival and departures screens that we commonly see at an airport.

Click an event to open the details for that event or click any boarder name to open their complete profile and

5. Student Locator (Kiosk) Screen

The Student Locator Kiosk lets you know WHO is WHERE and WHEN they are returning to your boarding house. This is a real time record of boarder location with easy colour code indication. Hover over any boarder image and their location will be shown on screen. The Kiosk screen is used to sign boarders in and out of the boarding house. Many schools using REACH commonly have kiosk touch-screens set up in their boarding house entrance for boarders to sign themselves in and out of the boarding house.

6. Student Sidebar Screen

The Student Sidebar Screen is actually seven screens in one. It provides a completely independant workspace that opens up from the right hand side of your REACH dashboard whenever you click on a boarder name from anywhere in REACH.

The Student Sidebar is a valuable reference tool which provides you with instant access to a complete boarder profiles and history. It does not interfere with any work that may be working on in REACH and you can switch freely between the Student Sidebar and your main REACH workspace without losing any data.

You can even write notes for the boarder record from the Student Sidebar at any time.

7. End of Shift Report

You can design your own End of Shift Report in REACH to suit your campus with an unlimited number of report sections . Reports are immediately saved and historic reports are easily accessible with full search functionality. You can search for historic reports by staff name, student name or any specific content with wildcard word search.

Sharing reports is as easy as selecting an existing distribution list or identifying individuals that you would like to receive the report. Your End of Shift Report will then appear with a notification alert to the circulation list.

Integrating your End of Shift Report with your student records is automatic. Whenever a student is named in an End of Shift Report REACH pushes a record of that to the students personal records in their welfare and behavior records.

8. REACH Audit Log

The REACH Audit Log is your ultimate filing cabinet. It provides a thorough, chronological record of every activity carried out in the REACH system. Every transaction, event, communication, or note. Even the device that a user has used to complete a record is tracked, just in case we need it. Whether it is new or an adjustment to an existing record, REACH tracks it, records it and files it for easy recovery when it’s needed. The Audit Log plays a vital role in tracking procedural workflows for any activity or event. If you need details or evidence for any record or activity, whether it happened yesterday or 3 years ago …. the REACH Audit Log has it … and it’s available to you at the press of a button.

REACH is the ultimate efficiency and risk management system for school boarding, setting new benchmarks for best practice in residential student care.

We invite you to try REACH in your school with free demo access to a live and private portal where you can upload a sample of your boarding population. See first hand how REACH can enhance the way you manage and record activities in your boarding school.

Use live school data on your own private and secure REACH portal.

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