MANAGE RISK, GAIN EFFICIENCY & IMPROVE COMMUNICATIONS with REACH Boarding School and Residential Campus Software.

Automating your school boarding house management with REACH can simplify your operations and save you many work hours per week with efficient, fully traceable and reportable transactions that will help you to reduce risk and improve student care.

The future of boarding is within REACH.
See REACH features in operation.
Elaine Riley, MLC Dir. of Boarding talks REACH.

Manage Leave

Send, receive, approve, notify, file and report leave requests in an instant on any device.

Roll Call & Attendance

Take attendance at any time, on any device, for any student house, year or other group.

Student Tracking

Know in an instant Who is Where and When they are returning to your boarding house.

Student Welfare

Record and track student behaviour, medical and welfare with easy sharing and reporting.


The REACH communications hub enables information sharing in any format.

Catering Manager

Instant, real-time and projected student meal requirements 24/7, including special meals.

Staff Manager

Manage staff with end of shift reports, rostering, accreditation and training records.


Configure REACH to operate using your own campus policies, procedures and protocols.


Harness the data from your daily activities to create meaningful management reports and insight.

Audit Log

The ultimate filing cabinet where all records are captured and recorded for rapid and easy accessibility.

System Integration

Integrate data with your existing school systems and maintain single sign-on capabilities.

Cloud or Self Hosting

Select from secure cloud hosting or on-site school hosting with your own private servers.

IdyllWild Arts Academy | California, USA

“The single, greatest technical innovation to boarding schools in my 25 years of experience. REACH is a game changer for how we manage risk, how we record student movements on and off campus, and how we build community.” Mitch Globe | Dean of Students

Newington College | Sydney, Australia

REACH has brought everything we needed into one location, which we can access from anywhere on any device. It does not matter if I am at school, at sport or travelling interstate. If you are in boarding and want a system that does more than just leave, with a more holistic approach, then REACH is the solution. Mark Oliphant | Head of Boarding

StBrigid's College | Perth, Western Australia

REACH is a huge benefit to our school and it eliminates my Thursday paper war. It is very useful for our parent community who can even use their mobile phone to lodge and approve leave requests. Annamaria Cream | Director of Boarding

StGeorge's School | Rhode Island, USA

REACH has changed the way we manage, track, and secure our students.  Not only has REACH provided a comprehensive solution for leave request workflows, it generates valuable reports on student tracking that were previously unavailable to us. From day one, the REACH team has also worked tirelessly to incorporate numerous customizations to best meet the needs of our community. Robyn Johnson | Director of Technology

Guildford Grammar School | Perth, Western Australia

Parents love the extra flexibility that REACH provides and the ease of being able to use REACH wherever they are on whatever device they have available. For our staff, we find REACH makes things a whole lot easier and there is much less paperwork. Brad Evans | Head of Boarding 

The Scots PGC | Warwick, QLD Australia

REACH has allowed our boarding staff to focus on their primary task of pastoral care and well-being rather than excessive administration tasks. The system has streamlined our boarding processes, increased staff efficiency and improved collaboration between our boarding community and boarding parents. Greg Wacker | Head of Boys Boarding

Immanuel College | Adelaide, South Australia

REACH has transformed our boarding processes here at Immanuel. This paperless system allows us to keep all our records in a central location and real time tracking of all student movements. Ease of use for students, staff and parents has been an essential part of its success and has developed confidence in the system for all members of our community. Adrian Lawrence | Assist. Director of Boarding